The Swiss Society of New York is very proud to have introduced the annual Swiss Society Fellowship Prize & Program in 2008.

The annual Swiss Society Fellowship Prize is a financial grant in honor of the theme of each year’s Swiss Ball or Guest of Honor. Through the Prize the Swiss Society supports a deserving candidate or organizations in their pursuit of educational excellence, social awareness, and humanity’s general body of knowledge.  The recognition of the prize grows with each year and it serves to increase interest in Switzerland with its rich culture and heritage and also recognizes the achievements of Swiss in the United States.

We wish to thank all of our sponsors, but in particular those that contribute to the Silent Auction held at the annual Swiss Ball. The Silent Auction is the source of funding which sustains our ability to award the Swiss Society Fellowship as well as our other cultural sponsorships and events.

To secure the future of the Swiss Society Fellowship Prize & Programs, the Swiss Society has established the Swiss Society Fellowship Endowment Fund in 2013.